Monday 4 February 2019

Long Time No See

Hello everyone,

How are you? We hope all of you have a beautiful day and have a great time crafting!

It's been a while since the last time we updated this page. We're so sorry for being away for so long, and so sorry for so many unanswered comments and questions. A few years ago some things were getting a bit out of hands and we need to focus on our personal life. Things get a bit rough and we facing plenty major changes in our life, like change of job, marriage, etc. Everything are under control again now, and a few months ago Nana and I was meet again. We found out that both of us are still loves to draw and need and an outlet for our love to drawing and here we are, back here again to re-open our shop at etsy with new images and concepts.

Right now we're still choosing which images that will be available again at our store, if you want to purchase any of our images that not available yet please pm us directly. We might be not as active as before but we will try our best to update here and on our Instagram. We're still trying to access our facebook again since we've got locked out, but once we manage to get it back we'll be there too!

Our IG account : milkcoffeestamps

Our ETSY store: MilkCoffee

See you again soon with our new images of Tiffany, Alicia, and many other new characters!

Kind regards,